From 90 minutes to multiple days, we tailor workshops focused on an array of topics related to social justice and leadership.  We deliver each workshop to meet different learning styles and work with the belief that we are facilitators of a learning process rather than expert lecturers of a subject matter.  While we present a variety of topics within social justice, diversity and leadership, the ones in which we are most asked to work with are below.  If you are seeking a full-day session or retreat type format focused on social justice, diversity and leadership, we will develop a dynamic curriculum based on learning outcomes/goals.

  • Authentic Dialogue Across Difference
  • Being an Inclusive Leader
  • Beyond Black & White: Bi/Multiracial/Ethnic Identity in the 21st Century
  • Building an Inclusive Community
  • Creating Class Consciousness on Campus
  • Engaging Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education Graduate Programs
  • Facilitating Social Justice Conversations and Programs
  • Racism on Today’s College Campus
  • Unpacking Our Knapsack: Engaging the Dynamics of Privilege and Oppression



Coaching is a valuable tool to navigate through your workspace based on values, goals, and experiences. In a coaching partnership, we support individuals in their professional and personal development through trust and authenticity. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your goals and needs as well as aspects of your life that are critical for coaching sessions and development. The longevity is determined collectively by the client and coach and due to a difference in geographical locations, sessions often take place via video chat or telephone.  While coaching is organic in nature, typical areas that often surface are:

  • Supervision with an inclusive lens
  • Developing a career path
  • Dealing with areas of challenge
  • Strength building



Organizational change takes intentionality, commitment, patience, and the willingness to work in the unknown.  As such, we partner with leaders and team members to develop a long-term plan based on assessment and research.

Included are strategies to actualize said plan as well as ways to support the human element of resistance that occurs with change initiatives.  Tools and methods used in this consulting process are:

  • Individual interviews
  • Small focus groups
  • Assessment surveys
  • Training sessions
  • Consultation throughout the change process
  • Leadership coaching



As speakers we focus on that which we value and find critical to speak of – leadership and social justice.  In this unique setting, we connect with the audience and provide motivation through story-telling, data sharing, and simply speaking from our life.  During such format, we continue to engage the audience in various forms of participation and interaction.  It is our philosophy participants will take something from the presentation if they are involved with it.


FEES & Contact Info

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