becky creates an environment filled with recognition, acceptance, and forgiveness (personal, cultural, institutional). In this space she helps create, many magical things can happen…particularly enlightenment.

Mabel Cortina-Matos, Program Coordinator
University of Texas, Pan-American

We invited dr. becky martinez for a staff retreat and asked if she’d be willing to offer a workshop open to the campus community. She facilitated a workshop on social class/ism and not only was it a full house, folks were talking about it days afterwards. This reflects the very point becky wants to make, we don’t talk about or acknowledge class differences enough within our college environments, yet so many students and staff are wrestling with aspects of class everyday. Thanks becky for jump-starting the conversation!

Dr. Kathy Sisneros, Director, Women and Gender Advocacy Center Colorado State University

becky’s facilitation allows for multiple perspectives while providinga safe space for the participants to challenge themselves to learn andgrow. We loved having her on campus with us!

Erin Peltzman, Conduct Coordinator
University of California, Davis 

dr. martinez was a great collaborator, consulting very effectively with our faculty and students to design an engaging workshop for our department. Both M.A. and Ph.D. students were invested in a day of dialogue, building a strong foundation on which to advance our programs. 

Maureen Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair    
Dafina-Lazarus Stewart, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs
Bowling Green State University

 becky pushes people to grow, learn and challenge what they know to be true while creating space for them to sit in the authentic reality they are in as they move toward the growth they desire. If you don’t grow in training with becky, you aren’t paying attention, or you don’t want to change.

Sarah Wilkins-aka Sarahlloyd, CEO, Metanoia Fitness, Inc.

becky changed my life. Her presentation style is such that she allows herself to be vulnerable when sharing her story and in doing so, she created space for me to do the same. Through that one solitary exchange in a workshop, I found my own voice.

Additionally, her approach to workshops/trainings is fluid and allows the group to guide where the session will go. I love this because I know my team is getting something that is tailored for us and it’s not a canned presentation.

Precious Porras, Associate Director, Social Justice & Diversity Education, 
The University of Kansas 

becky facilitated a training for a small group of students that oversee the Social Justice Center on campus. Our students absolutely loved becky and found the training to be engaging, fulfilling, and challenging. They walked away having a much better understanding of one another as well as a deeper understanding of privilege and oppression. It provided a wonderful base as we started the year in the center. 

Nate Rosenblum, Residential College Director & Co-Coordinator for the Social Justice Center
Office of Residential Life
Washington University in St. Louis 

becky was able to engage our large group in learning and developing facilitation skills while helping each individual find our own areas of growth around social justice. becky has been an inspiration to me for years, and her work encourages me to leave the world around me a little bit better.

Conor McLaughlin, PhD Student
University of San Diego

Working with becky is terrific!  She caters her programs to the specific needs and climate of the institutions she visits.  During a recent visit to Seattle University, she asked a few of us about inclusion-related issues and questions that had arisen, and four hours later when she presented to our students, she had incorporated those particular concerns into what she shared.  She’s an approachable presenter and helped to take our orientation programming to a deeper level, which presents us with richer opportunities for follow up with our students. 

Dr. Monica Nixon, Assistant Vice President for Student Development and Director of Multicultural Affairs
Seattle University

I found becky to be a thoughtful, engaging, facilitator who was not hesitant to push our group in uncomfortable (but necessary) developmental directions regarding social justice advocacy.  Her thoughts and questions not only encouraged dialogue during our retreat, but after as well.

Ryan Bronkema, doctoral student
Bowling Green State University