Our mission is to develop leaders and teams to meet their potential while creating inclusive policies, practices, and systems for organizational excellence.

Infinity Martinez (IM) Consulting is committed to providing organizational development strategies grounded in leadership and diversity. We partner with clients to design innovative, effective initiatives to produce short and long term results. IM Consulting creates an intentional container for individuals across difference to engage in respectful dialogue.

Through our services, IM Consulting focuses to create learning organizations that are:

  • blameless
  • generative
  • building on diversity
  • creative with tension between the present and the future
  • compassionate
  • reciprocal in leadership
  • thinking systematically and long-term
  • busy with important conversations

Our values of partnership, authenticity, transparency, and integrity are intertwined in our work with clients from conception to fruition of a one-day training to a long-term project.

IM Consulting is dedicated to providing participants the skills to work with and lead in today’s global society.